HubSpot V/s Zoho CRM Comparison

Let us compare HubSpot CRM & Zoho CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular free Cloud-based CRM which runs on all web browsers.

HubSpot is suitable for B2B & B2C businesses across industries like BFSI, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & more.

Its free version offers all the core functionality that your business might need and is 100% free with unlimited users and up to 100k contacts.

HubSpot’s upgraded plans are as per your need starting from USD 50 per-user-per-month

The second, we have on our list is Zoho CRM it offers sales and marketing automation tools with help desk, analytics, and customer support functions.

The free version is fully featured and comes with a wide range of useful tools, It supports up to three users in the free version.

Zoho CRM’s AI-powered sales assistant can predict an appropriate time to contact customers. It scans emails for urgency and can display relevant statistics.

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